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St. Thomas More School has three payment options for tuition.

  • Families may pay it all in a 1-payment plan (due September 1).

  • OR, families may pay it in a 2-payment plan (August and November).

  • OR, families may make lower monthly payments through a 10-payment plan (August thru May). Monthly payments may be made through ACH (automatic withdrawals from your bank account) or monthly billing.


By using the FACTS system, there will be a one-time fee charged to each family based upon the following:

  • $0/family if they chose the annual payment plan

  • $10/family if they chose the semi-annual payment plan

  • $42/family if they chose the monthly payment plan


If you have a FACTS account from last year, please update your personal information (address, phone, e-mail address, bank account number, etc.) if it has changed. Your log-in and password will remain the same.


If you are new to STM School, you must start a FACTS account. For questions, please contact FACTS at 866-441-4637.


Tuition for the school year 2021-2022 is $4,900 (per child), plus the $400 STM More Bread fee (per family). Please remember, this

$400 can be reduced by your participation in the STM More Bread program. If you did not meet your $400 goal for 2020-2021 school year, that balance will be added to your FACTS “STM More Bread” account for the 2021-2022 year. The STM More Bread amount will be treated like a tuition payment; i.e., by ACH withdrawal or invoice.


All tuition, STM More Bread, Tech, Extended Care and FACTS fees, plus financial aid, will be applied to your account in a two step process: 

  • Tuition will be applied and a confirmation letter will be sent via mail, email or text with these details. This will be followed by the addition of any applicable discounts (sibling discounts, More Bread rollovers, etc.). 

  • Financial aid and/or scholarships, once awarded and verified, will be applied to the account and an adjustment notification will be sent via email or text to inform you of the new payment schedule. 


Please Note: The payment plan you used for the 2020-2021 year will be carried through to the 2021-2022 school year. If you wish to change from the billing plan to the ACH plan, you can do so through your user account in FACTS. If you wish to change from ACH to billing, please call Cindy at 610-432-0396, x1 to make the revision. 

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