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Congratulations to our 2022 PJAS Winners!

2022 PJAS Winners

By: Kimura Dixon

PJAS is an organization called Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science that is meant to boost junior and senior high school students' interest in science. In order to compete, students had to complete a scientific experiment and make slides to go along with it. Students got to present their projects in front of judges at Northampton Community College. Ryan F. and Mary R. earned perfect scores! Out of the 7th and 8th graders, 44 first placed first and 41 placed second. Our first place finishers are looking forward to competing at Penn State in May!

First Place Winners

8th Grade: Charles Samer, Henry Samer, Becca Yenkowski, Shaylene Ly, Gabby Kachurak, Nathan McClain, Bianca Jaurgaui, Jameson Baxter, Priscilla Elias, Kelsey Bedics, Raffaele Baccala, Carter Young, Ryan Friel, Emma Devers, Luke Walter, Evan Borkowski

7th Grade: Caleb Brown, Penny Campbell, Mary Rabold, Paul Laubner, Gavin Albeck, Brayden Strencosky, Sierra Docherty, Brady McKechnie, Kevin Carbone, Katie Carbone, Will Harris, Alana Ho, Rylan Conrad, Quinn Driscoll, Maggie Carolla, Brock Cerimele, Claire Dilg, Angelo Baccala, Meredith Trump, Carly Eisenhard, Lauren Rutt, Lienna Rippey, Lana Bui, Riley Boyle, Maeve McGee, Connor Lawler, Max McEwan, Addison Dilg, Matthew Wheeler, Matthew Rooney

Second Place Winners

8th Grade: Andrew Zellner, Daphne Schware, Emily Garrett, Rebekah Garrett, Emi Lo Piccolo, Katelin Bui, Grace McEwen, Izabella Waz, Sarah Doan, Casey Winter, Daniel Weaver, Alex Nehlsen, Lily Salari, Cate Haring, Thomas Roth

7th Grade: Jacob Piccini, Ann Niggel, Emma Molchany, Brody Molchany, Cami Johnson, Yansel Santos, Kiana Morales, Joel De Santiago, Michael Ulicny, Jean Bluske, Christian Pisani, Mary Dilg, Tommy McGorry, Michael Manzella, Grace O'Reilly, Rhilana Powell, Ethan Deegan, John Craig, EJ Hoeing, Landon Slockett, Makenzie Miller, Caliana Anderson, Valentina Munoz, Emma DeGale, Aveline Bubnis, Claire De Dominicis, Chase Cortright, Rohan Bhashyam

Third Place Winners

8th Grade: Mason Cesanek

7th Grade: Ava Hobbie

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