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STM Sends Largest Group to the Region 3 2022 PJAS State Competition

Congratulations to our fifty STM School 7th and 8th graders

who competed in the State PJAS competition. STM had

the largest contingency of students in Region 3,

with many first and second place showings.

After two years, it was great to be back in Happy Valley!

8th grade

Raffaele Baccala

Jameston Baxter

Evan Borkowski Emma Devers Ryan Frield

Bianca Jaurgaui

Gabby Kachurak

Shaylene Ly

Nathan McClain

Charles Samer

Henry Samer

Rebecca Yenkowski

Carter Young

7th grade

Gavin Albeck

Angelo Baccala

Riley Boyle

Caleb Brown

Penny Campbell

Katie Carbone

Kevin Carbone

Maggie Carolla

Brock Cerimele

Rylan Conrad

Sierra Docherty

Clare Dilg

Quinn Driscoll

Carly Eisenhard

Will Harris

Alana Ho

Paul Laubner

Connor Lawler

Maeve McGee

Brady McKechie

Mary Rabold

Lienna Rippey

Matthew Rooney

Lauren Rutt

Brayden Strencosky

Matthew Wheeler


Claire DeDominics

EJ Hoeing

Tommy Roth

Andrew Zellner

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