STM Basket Raffle!

Basket Ticket Sales

Pink: $5.00/Sheet of 25 for value of $25.00-$50.00 Baskets Blue: $10.00/Sheet of 25 for value of $50.00 and up Baskets

Ticket sales CASH ONLY

Below is just a sample of our OVER 200 Basket Raffles!

Italian Delights Basket (sauces, pasta, and wine) - $150

Rock Painting Basket with tons of supplies - $100

Crayola Basket with three passes to Crayola Factory - $150

Basket from Bazinni Nuts (assorted nuts, dried fruit, and candies) - $40

Beach Bag Basket - two beach towels, Rita's gift card, and wine and spirits gift card - $90

Pool Fun Basket - noodle, floaties, and games - $75

Cooking Fun Basket - copper pans, cook book and cooking supplies

Dunkin Basket - 2 lbs. of coffee, insulated mug and Josh Early's gift card - $50

Phantoms Basket - two tix (May 9), baseball caps, beanies, Nike, Adidas, UnderArmor gear & more!

Basketball Basket with $25 Dicks gift card

Volleyball Basket with $25 Dicks gift card

Handmade Kuub set with Dicks and Dave and Busters $25 gift cards - $150

Coffee Lover's Basket - espresso machine, coffee grinder, Bean Box coffee treats - $150

Coloring Fun Basket - $50

Funfetti Baking - $25

Panda hamper with throw blanket - $60

Gardening basket - $70

Tullamor Dew, Shelby gc $50 and Truffle Bar Gift Card $25 - $130

We also have knitting baskets, childrens outdoor play, jewelry, grilling baskets,

wine tasting, a DUMPSTER rental, party supply baskets, experiences such as museum visits

and glass blowing, science center, theaters (movies and performing arts), manicures,