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It seems like only yesterday that St. Thomas More School welcomed its first students in the fall of 1969. From day one, STM quickly established a formula and reputation for excellence in academics, athletics and extra-curricular activities. This success continues today and St. Thomas More School has been named one of the best elementary and middle schools in Pennsylvania.


And just as impressive are the friendships that were formed here at STM and, for some alumni, have lasted for more than 50 years.

The St. Thomas More Alumni Association serves to reconnect former students and to keep the STM spirit alive for generations of students to come.




The STM School Mission Statement provides a framework for the future of the school: “STM School is a Catholic faith-centered educational community, rooted in Christian values. We nurture faith, foster academic achievement, and inspire personal responsibility, accountability, and service.”


The implementation of this vision is the primary reason for the success of our school since its very beginning. Our present administrators, Principal Derek Peiffer and Vice Principal Amanda Salovay, point to Monsignor Murphy’s visionary leadership, inspiring support, and unwavering commitment as a major factor in creating an exemplary school. In partnership, the faculty, staff, students, and parents have also embraced the concept contained in our Mission Statement.


Our school not only has a rigorous academic program, but also has a strong emphasis on Christian values, a passion for compassion. This criteria is enhanced by the outstanding level of volunteerism by family members.


As we move forward, we strive to again meet the needs of all students enabling them to reach their maximum potential. Faith, Scholarship, and Service will always be the school’s hallmark. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who have upheld this vision through the 50+ years and are responsible for more than 3,000 well-prepared graduates. We look forward to those who will continue our school’s fine legacy in the years ahead.

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