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Information for Parents and Students

1. Virtual learning is a partnership between teacher, student and caregiver. 
A successful learning environment is contingent upon the following: 

  • Ask Questions when they don’t understand.

  • Navigate the technology independently.

  • Are motivated learners and can work independently.

  • Create an organized study environment with all materials ready for class before it begins.

  • Keep their camera on at all times and are seated upright ready to learn, and remain engaged.

  • Follow “in-person” classroom expectations.

  • Are on time to zoom sessions and follow their schedule.

  • Problem-solve when something doesn’t quite go as planned


2. iPads will be sent home with all students each night. Chargers will be brought to and from school each day. 


3. If a student is absent from school, they have the option to attend virtually.
     Please refer to the Class Zoom Codes (included in your Weekly e-Newsletter).


4. If a student is virtual for one day, materials will be provided digitally through our platforms such as
    Seesaw, Schoology and various programs. 


5. In the event that you do not have materials at home, teachers will be flexible with the assignment. If a student is virtual for more
    than one day, teachers will gather materials for pick after day one in the vestibule outside of the main office between 3:00-4:00pm.


6. Students should join their homeroom teacher’s Zoom by 8:15am to join in for prayers, announcements and the pledge of allegiance. 

    We have a new class schedule so we could give students more time at lunch/recess. Please follow the New Class Schedule.

7. Middle school students (6-8) should follow their schedule for the day. 

  • Schedules can be found in the Sapphire Community Portal

  • Select your child’s name 

  • On the left hand side, select “Current Schedule”

  • If parents have not created an account please click here

  • Keyword is “Raiders”


8. Teachers will begin Zoom sessions on time. 

  • If the schedule changes please start the Zoom session on time and inform students that you will be right with them.
    You can mute/turn video off if you are transitioning from one location to another.


9. If a student is attending virtually and they do not join at the beginning of class, teachers will send a meeting invitation via email.


10. Virtual Buddies

  • We will facilitate connecting virtual learners with an in-person student.

  • Virtual buddies will help support learners at home to answer any questions as well as socialization. 


11. Weekly virtual learner’s pick up will be Friday each week between 1:00-4:00pm at the main entrance.

12. Troubleshooting Tips: 

  • Check wifi access 

  • Make sure you are using the correct Usernames and Passwords 

  • If you are having issues, please complete the Troubleshooting Form.

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