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The STM academic program in the upper grades provides our students with a variety of learning experiences with the addition of World Language and a Tech Class in our iLab. We teach children how to leverage the potential that technology offers in a positive environment helping them to be productive digital citizens. Inquiry-based STEM learning happens by doing in the classroom, through hands-on science lab experiences, in the iLab and in the MakerSpace.


Critical thinking, research and the appreciation of history and how it connects to our present are emphasized in our history classrooms. Students study a variety of genres in literature and writing, along with  communication and grammar as a means to enhance the effective use of oral and written language. Math focuses on conceptual understanding and problem solving.  An accelerated math program is available. Physical, emotional, social and spiritual skills continue to be developed through physical education and health classes, religious studies, clubs, activities, service projects and special programs.


The academic environment is supportive while challenging students to become independent thinkers and problem-solvers. Students continue their development of organizational and study skills to become students who take responsibility, work smart and who are independent learners prepared to succeed in high school.

Experiences in and out of the classroom by grade:

Sixth Grade students perform in the 5th and 6th Grade Christmas Play in December and travel to Mercy School for Special Learning to enjoy watching their Christmas Play. Students participate in the 6th Grade Science Fair in February.  Projects are proudly displayed and all other grades are invited to come and hear about these wonderful projects from the sixth grade scientists. Students also participate in the Lehigh University Science And Engineering Fair in March. In the Spring, students have the opportunity to attend a DeSales University Act 3 Production and also visit J.R. Peters on a Science Field Trip. Students enjoy spending time with their Prayer Partners. Tie Dying shirts and the annual kickball game are the favorites. To end the year, a fun day is spent at Green Acres Neighborhood Park.


Seventh grade students participate in career-centered field trips including trips to The National Museum of Mathematics in NYC, Lehigh Valley Health Network’s Health Explorer’s program as well as a trip to the Lehigh County Courthouse.  Students continue to grow their personal interests as well as their leadership skills in clubs such as Student Council, Newspaper, Yearbook, Declamation, MathCounts, You Be the Chemist, and PJAS.  Students in seventh grade also look forward to the school dances at Halloween and Valentine’s Day.  


Eighth Grade is a year when students have myriad opportunities to engage in experiences based in faith, academics, and service as they navigate their final year at St. Thomas More school. These experiences enrich our students' preparation for high school and the years beyond the STM setting. Eighth graders grow in their faith and adulthood in the Church as they prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication, and teamwork are all fostered in exciting endeavors including, but not limited to, Santa's Workshop, Math Counts, PJAS, Marian Devotion, the Arts Festival, various field trips related to curriculum content, working with the Central City Project, and numerous time-honored special events and graduation related festivities. 

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