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At St. Thomas More School, we strive to ensure that all students recognize and understand their individual learning styles so they have the ability to become the best versions of themselves. This begins in the primary grades and continues to develop throughout their STM journey. Helping students learn how they learn allows them to capitalize on strengths while developing strategies and skills in areas that present more challenges.  


We offer an inclusive Catholic educational experience by providing reasonable and adequate accommodations to students who have disabilities as well as enrichment and advancement opportunities for students with giftedness. Our learning specialists assist students with developing positive, strategic academic skills. We provide academic coaching, and develop customized academic support plans to address students’ specific challenges and exceptionalities. In working directly with classroom teachers on student learning styles, we determine how to best deliver instruction so learning and student engagement is maximized. 


Our partnership with parents is an integral and vital aspect of our inclusive catholic education program. We are available to offer resources for families in need of information on learning disabilities or giftedness and welcome collaboration in the best interest of

their child.

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