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“Upon this rock, we will build not only a church, but also an outstanding school.” This premise led to the inception of St. Thomas More School by the initial pastor, Monsignor Robert Coll. St. Thomas More School officially opened in 1969 with 504 students. It was led by the founding principal, Sister James Immaculate. She, along with eight other Sisters of St. Joseph’s and an innovative faculty, developed the spiritual, academic, and character development.


In 1980, Monsignor Murphy took over as pastor of St. Thomas More Church. He had a vision for the school to be a model of educational quality grounded on spiritual growth. Through his leadership and vision along with the support of the parish members, St. Thomas More School grew and developed to become a premier educational program that rivals any school in the area. Because of Monsignor Murphy’s vision and dedication, St. Thomas More school has added five major expansions.


It started in 1983 with the addition of a family center which serves as our cafeteria, but also an event venue for weddings, corporate dinners, and special events.  In 1993, we converted the convent into a Primary Learning Center for students in grades K-2. In 1997, we added a new state-of-the-art gymnasium and added rooms for our middle school students including a science lab. In 2002, an addition was added to our Primary Learning Center to include more classrooms to allow for full-day Kindergarten, a large multi-purpose room, and a computer lab. This addition allowed our K-2 students the opportunity to have all their specials in the same building as well as advanced academic opportunities.


In 2009, we connected the Primary Learning Center to the main building and added a primary gymnasium, more classrooms, and office space. Then, in 2013, we added a second floor to the 2009 addition to provide for a state-of-the-art science lab, four classrooms, and a makerspace room. Finally, in 2018, we purchased the Hope Church facility across the street and transformed it into St. Thomas More Preschool.  


In 2006, we started an “Information Technology Pilot Program” in which computers, laptops, projectors, interactive whiteboards and iPads were introduced to the school.  We were fortunate to have this opportunity through the generosity of Computer Aid, Inc. owned by parishioner Tony Salvaggio. We continue to partner with companies like Computer Aid and Lehigh Valley Health Network to provide unique experiences for our students. Now we have a 1:1 iPad initiative for all of our students. Students in grades 3-8 take them home to use for academic homework and extension learning. We use progressive programs in English and mathematics to gather data on our students learning so we can provide interventions or extended learning opportunities so we are properly supporting and challenging all students appropriately.

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