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St. Thomas More School provides families and students a high quality educational experience in a caring and supportive Catholic environment. The STM Difference involves students achieving high academic learning, leadership opportunities, service learning, and strong character development — all grounded in our Catholic Faith. Our church community contributes to over half of the tuition each

family pays. 

The St. Thomas More Finance Committee determines the educational fee. Our pastor, Father John Pendzick approved the school fees. Parents who feel unable to meet the tuition/contribution requirements are asked to speak with our principal or pastor. Parents are expected to honor their obligations with the financial responsibilities that support the quality of education and experience received at St. Thomas

More School.

Tuition for the 2023-2024 school year is $5,600 per student. The paid re-registration fee of $150 will be deducted from the

2023-2024 tuition. By using the Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) system, there will be a fee charged to each family based upon the following:

  • $0/family if they chose the annual payment plan

  • $10/family if they chose the semi-annual payment plan

  • $25/family if they chose the quarterly payment plan

  • $40/family if they chose the monthly payment plan


STM More Bread Program

Families pay an upfront fee of $400. You can earn back this fee through the purchase of “STM More Bread” gift cards/certificates at school or using “Shop with Scrip” online. The STM More Bread Fee is due by July 1. The STM More Bread fee is non-refundable, except in the case of a family who withdraws a child prior to the start of classes. Any child who is dismissed from school is not entitled to a tuition refund.


Parish Support - Weekly Envelopes

School families, who are STM parishioners, are expected to contribute a minimum of $20 per week to the parish. The cost to educate each child for the coming school year is in excess $11,000. Part of this cost comes from tuition and fundraisers like STM More Bread,

and the remainder from the parish. Your generosity with respect to meeting this commitment is greatly appreciated. Please understand that if you do not meet the minimum requirement, your family will be considered a non-parishioner family and be charged the $1,500

non-parishioner fee.

Technology Fees

All students will pay a $50 technology fee. This fee covers a one-time damage to the iPad, Apple Pencil, or other components of the iPad. This fee covers cracked screens or other minor wear and tear issues. Major damage to the iPad or damage to the Apple Pencil will be charged to the family based upon the cost to fix or replace the item. New students to STM will also be charged a $50 fee to cover the cost of a new cover to protect the iPad.


For more information, contact Maggi Fink, Development Director, at

There is an additional $1,500 fee for those families not belonging to St. Thomas More Parish. This fee is per family—not per child.

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