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St. Thomas More Catholic School offers learning experiences and opportunities that will assist in developing the physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual potentialities of the child. Our kindergarten provides an atmosphere that offers children opportunities to seek knowledge while encouraging their continual wondering, discovering, and becoming. This atmosphere includes the experience of a faith community where the children participate in and share life with others in an environment of Christian love. It also includes sharing a message of joy and Good News that the Lord is truly a loving Father. Finally, flowing from the experience with others and encouraged by the message of faith, the children experience themselves as a response to each others needs.

Our full-day kindergarten program provides a strong academic foundation in literacy and math. Language and listening skills are emphasized through phonemic awareness, letter recognition and formation, vocabulary development, grammar and oral and written communication. Through the use of manipulatives, students will represent and compare whole numbers. Students will learn how to describe shapes and space. Also, students will begin to develop the process of problem solving by choosing and utilizing effective strategies they have learned.


Reading and math instruction is differentiated through guided reading and guided math to meet each learner’s academic needs in a small group setting. Technology is used to enhance and personalize our academic curriculum through our iPad implementation program. Kindergarten students are given the opportunity to strengthen their creative skills by experiencing art, music, physical education, science lab and library each week. Our kindergarteners engage in discovery learning through play which allows them to grow in their ability to make choices, participate actively in learning and accept the consequences. Students develop a positive appreciation of God, self and others. Our kindergarteners develop appropriate behaviors, attitudes, values and knowledge about physical, social, intellectual and spiritual well-being.

Highlights include color days, a gingerbread man hunt, a Thanksgiving feast, Christmas cookie baking, Holly Jolly Christmas Day, Santa’s workshop with the 8th graders, the blessing of Baby Jesus, participating in an Advent homily with Monsignor, 100th day of school activities, field trips, school masses, Chancellor Games, and the end-of-year Kindergarten celebration.

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