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The STM academic program in the elementary years focuses on reading, writing, mathematics, fine motor development and physical, emotional, spiritual and social skills. We emphasize language, listening and literacy skills.  Our students develop early skills through engaging and hands-on student-centered learning activities. Guided reading and guided math are implemented to differentiate instruction, targeting the needs of each student. 


As the elementary years progress our students become fluent readers with strong phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills using both fiction and informational text. Our students become confident writers with solid language, research and grammar skills. Students increasingly become independent readers and writers. Students become curious thinkers when they spend time exploring citizenship, community and the world they live in during social studies along with physical, earth, space and life sciences, art, music and physical education/health. Two science labs and a MakerSpace are utilized for participation in STEM learning. Through the use of iPads, technology is integrated to enhance our academic program. Students are guided in developing personal organizational and study skills to become self-directed students who take ownership in their learning.

Experiences in and out of the classroom per grade:

First Grade travels to the Adventure Aquarium to participate in hands-on activities. At the end of the year, students hike to a local park. The First Grade Prayer Service, Mother’s Day Tea, Father’s Day Root Beer & Pretzels, and a Spring Talent Show are annual favorites for first grade students and their families. The Lehigh Valley zoo comes to visit us with some animals — the main guest is the penguin in the winter. We also attend a local play.


Second Grade is a monumental year with preparing for our sacraments- Reconciliation in January and Holy Communion in May. 

The Christmas play is an annual second grade tradition where students learn the true meaning of Christmas. Throughout the year, parents visit the classroom to talk about their different occupations, which helps students learn the different roles people play in our community. This also helps the students prepare for our popular Career Bear project in January. Second grade has 6th grade prayer partners - we build community by working on service projects throughout the year with each other. Other highlights of the year include our character pumpkin book reports in October, our gingerbread house making in December, and two field trips. Our focus throughout the year in 2nd grade is to have a positive attitude and a good growth mindset. We try to reflect our Christian values in all that we do to become the best version of ourselves each day. 


Third Grade includes a trip to Hurricane Hill Corn Maze in the Fall, a Christmas play in December with our Coco toy drive and a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo. A favorite learning project is our Biography Book report with a Living wax museum. Coding our robotic friends to travel around the world is another popular student activity.


Fourth Grade students participate in a Presidential Scrimmage in February. The fourth grade students memorize and sing a Tour the State song, as well as a President song. They also recite the Oath of Office and the Preamble for their families and friends. Fourth grade students visit Lancaster to learn and experience the Amish way of living. After the Amish Village tour, students visit the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum and learn about the history of transportation in the railroad industry. In the fall, fourth grade either attends a play relevant to topics covered in their curriculum or they visit a local museum.


Fifth Grade students perform in our annual Christmas Play. Students visit historic Philadelphia, the Constitution Center, and other historical sites related to topics studied in class. A trip to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty completes the study of immigration

and nationalities. Students are encouraged and supported spiritually and emotionally through our social-emotional learning program each week.

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