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Academic Excellence: St. Thomas More students are critical thinkers, innovators, collaborators, problem solvers, communicators, entrepreneurs who demonstrate curiosity, adaptability, and originality. We help all of our students achieve more than one year's growth in reading and mathematics. They receive exceptional experiences in science and technology. Our students become accomplished learners through mastering appropriate techniques in organization, note-taking and study skills.

Leadership: St. Thomas More students inspire and motivate others through integrity and empathy while contributing to the vision of the school. Central to developing leadership is giving students opportunities to lead. We provide these opportunities through classroom, club/activity and whole school leadership. Our atmosphere is a supportive one, promoting and inspiring our students to assume such positions.

Character: St. Thomas More students lead lives with integrity, courage, fortitude, and respect for themselves and others. Strength of character is a prerequisite for our students to advance and excel in all other facets of their life. It is character that truly defines a person. Strongly based character provides our students with mindful determination. All of our teachers educate on the importance of being true to oneself, respectful to all, and persistent in the face of challenges, instilling our students with the values of admirable character.

Service: St. Thomas More students are guided by empathy, gratitude, and passion for serving others. At the heart of our school 's philosophy lies the belief in helping others. Our students at every grade level learn the importance of serving others so that all of our students can feel good through the service they do throughout their life.


Foundation of Faith: All four pillars of St. Thomas More School are anchored by our Catholic Faith. James 2 states: “What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works?” We know our students will take the lessons they learn at STM and share them with the world to make it a better place. We teach students how to live their faith, not just study it. We model expected behaviors and help our students be the best person they can as they go out and serve others.

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