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Absentee Explanation Form - fill-out, sign and submit when your child returns to school after an absence.

Early Dismissal Request Form - fill out, sign and submit these slips to request an early dismissal for your child.

Late Arrival Explanation Form - fill out, sign and submit these slips when your child arrives to school late.

Parkland Rapid Communication Form - for Parkland School District Residents only

Photo Authorization Form - for use on marketing materials, website and social media.

Student Information Form - change or updated basic family information.

Transportation Request Form - Under Act 372, school districts are required to provide bus transportation.

Trip Request Form - Request for excused absence for students taking a non-school tour or trip.

Weekly Dismissal Form - schedule of a student's weekly dismissal plans.


Health Services Form - updated student health history.

Student Medical Emergency Form

Pennsylvania Private Physician's Report of Physical Examination Form

Pennsylvania Required Immunizations List

Salisbury Township School District Authorization for Medication During School Hours Form

Salisbury Township School District Family Dental Form

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