The STM More Bread Program is a fundraiser that greatly supports our school. It offers families more choice in how they reach their financial goal as well as offering opportunities to earn credit toward next year’s tuition. Complete information is sent home with your student at the beginning of the school year. 


The following are the key points about the STM More Bread Program:

  • Each family pays a $400 fee as a commitment to this fundraiser

  • Each family will sign and return an annual agreement which will give them access to their own account at

    • This account will be set up for you, unless you already have an account. 

    • The email address you provide on your agreement will be your username.

    • This will enable the family to track their purchases on a regular basis.

  • The new “goal” is to earn $400 in rebates by making gift card purchases.

  • Rebates will be divided as follows:

    • 60% of the individual merchant rebate will be credited to the family. 

      • Examples:

        • #1. Giant food store gives a 10% rebate. When a family purchases $100 in Giant cards, $6 will be credited towards their fundraising goal of $400.
        • #2. Wegmans gives a 5% rebate. When a family purchases $100 in Wegmans gift cards, $3 will be credited towards their fundraising goal.

        • #3. Red Robin restaurant gives a 20% rebate. When a family purchases $100 in Red Robin gift cards, they will be credited $12 towards their fundraising goal.

  • There is no limit as to how much your family can earn, so every dollar earned over the $400 “goal” is credit towards your tuition.

  • Each merchant’s rebate percentage will be on the form so the family can see the rate at which they are earning.

  • Purchases for “on hand” cards will be available, as they always have been, at the Rectory, School and after masses.

  • A Weekly Pre-Order form will be available for other merchants. Payments must accompany orders. There is additional space on the weekly form to write in merchants not listed. (Cards must be offered by the SWS website)

In an effort to increase participation by our school families, More Bread is available through your child’s PIP folder. 

This option is offered as an added convenience; however, it is not mandatory. Cards will continue to be available

for purchase in the Main Office during normal school hours, at the Rectory, and after Masses as usual.