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Murphy’s Angels was created at St. Thomas More under the leadership and generosity of our dear Monsignor John Murphy. His love and passion was always for all children of St. Thomas More parish and school. Murphy’s Angels mission is to help all of the youth in our STM community.

It recognizes that there are parish and school families that may have ongoing, urgent issues that make it difficult or impossible to meet all of their family’s needs. Whether a student at STM School or in our Religious Education Program, Murphy’s Angels follows the example of Monsignor Murphy who was a role model for those who wish to live their faith to the fullest by helping and serving one another.



•    Pray for our families in need.

•    Donate grocery store gift cards through our STM More Bread Program.

•    Purchase a gift card for a retail store such as Target, Kohls or Marshalls.

•    Make a monetary donation.

•    Provide an item from a wish list for the Women’s Guild Adopt a Family Program.

•    Contact the school or church about a family in need so that we may help them.

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