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The Student Development Office (SDO) consists of two counselors who provide student support in the areas of academic development, personal/social development and career development. They are available to assist students in achieving a successful school experience, as well as to work with individuals or with small groups of students who are dealing with emotional, personal/social,

or behavioral issues. Students can be referred to the SDO by teachers and parents, or they can request to talk to a counselor. Classroom social & emotional learning (SEL) programs are taught in kindergarten through 8th grade. Also, counselors conduct the mandated Diocesan Child Protection Catechesis in kindergarten through eighth grade each year.


School Counselors

Mrs. Cory Lamack  |

  • Responsible for students in grades 5 thru 8.

  • Teaches Second Step in grade 6.

  • Liaison with Inclusive Catholic Education Team

Mrs. Kristen Cwynar  |

  • Responsible for students in grades K -4.

  • Teaches Social Emotional Learning (Second Step) class in K-4

  • Liaison with Inclusive Catholic Education Team.

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