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Congratulations to our 2024 PJAS Winners!

The Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) is a statewide organization of junior and senior high school students designed to stimulate and promote interest in science among its members through the development of research projects and investigations. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is divided into 12 PJAS regions. Each PJAS region consists of two or more counties. STM School competes in Region 3 (Lehigh Valley).

Congratulations to all of our 1st Place winners (pictured above). Students who received a first place award at the Region 3 Meeting are

invited to present their project at the 2024 PJAS State Meeting at

Penn State University. They will compete with approximately 3,000 of the

best and brightest science students from Pennsylvania’s thirteen regions!

7th Grade First Place Winners:

Pictured above: Andrew Bowen, Evan Langehennig, Rocco Maccioli, Matthew Nehlsen, Cole Heigl, Teresa Haring, Nina Rose Sadaphal, Colleen Piccini, Lena Hartman, Paige McClain, Lauren Meitzler, Alexis Chyu, Ana Mushrush, Jillian Hudak, McKayla O’Brien.

8th Grade First Place Winners:

Pictured above: Bernadette Gasser, Reagan Sell, Charlotte Hood,

Angelina Ballan, Simone Morton, Catherine Sapienza, Demetrius Bellucci,

Lucianna Stano, Victoria Rofaiel, Lindsay Doyle, Beatrice Robinson,

Julian Borkowski, Owen Zambelli, Emily Lewis, Makenzie Yeager,

Chase Butynskyi, Ethan Salovay, Ainsley Tighe, Anna Williams, Nathan Young,

Amelia Joyce, Raley Lakatos, Tanner Karwacki, Martin Keane.

Congratulations to our students who received a

Perfect Score in this year's PJAS Regional 3 Competition!

Pictured above: Martin Keane, Ainsley TIghe and Matthew Nehlsen.


Congratulations to all the 2nd Place winners in the 2023 PJAS Regional 3 Competition! Well done!

7th Grade Second Place Winners:

Pictured above: Declan McGee, Landon Conrad, Michael Bigush,

Nicolo Ramunni, Kayden Chevere, Duncan Toomey, Sean Robinson,

Julian Katz, Charlotte Hummel, Reese Walter, Lorelei Campbell, Olivia Lieberman,

Piper Cerimele, Katelyn Hopko, Emily Solderich, Caliana Colistra.

8th Grade Second Place Winners:

Pictured above: Lucas Hosak, Danilo Reis, Josephine Hobbie, Avery Wursta,

Charlotte Gasda, Ainsleigh Richardson, Cecila Reidy, Buchanan Rose,

Massimo Sankar, Cadence Diehl, Vanessa Ross, Brendan Horn,

Nico Grisafi, Noah Kachurak, Gianna Martucci, Abigial Garrett.


Congratulations to all the 3rd Place winners in the 2024 PJAS Regional 3 Competition! Well done!

7th Grade Third Place Winners:

Pictured above: Reagan Jarrett, Liam Lamont, Bryce Crump,

Stella Unger, Giuliana Polito, Aubrey Shannon, Grace Bleil.


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