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Cultivating faith-filled, lifelong learners for 50 years.

Education at St. Thomas More integrates Christian living and academic pursuits in an endeavor to develop the whole child. The programs are substantive, comprehensive, and varied with emphasis on basic skills, providing a solid foundation for learning. In addition, critical thinking, decision-making, and a love of learning are nurtured. Cultural experiences for appreciation, enrichment, and enjoyment are afforded the students. Our goal is to provide a stimulating environment conducive to achieving maximum potential for each student.

A premier school that stands on four pillars —anchored in Faith.
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Registration for

2023-2024 opens March 5.

Thematic studies of Religion, Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Encouraging a continual wondering, discovering and becoming.


Students see themselves as disciples rooted in scripture and tradition.

The STM Experience

We are a Catholic Christian faith-centered community, which integrates spiritual and intellectual growth by nurturing faith, encouraging academic achievement, and inspiring responsible action. As such, we share in the educational mission of the Church by providing opportunities for all members of our school community to grow in their relationship with the Lord and meet the challenge to witness to there belief in Jesus Christ.


Student-to-teacher ratio

for a more personal approach to classroom learning


7th & 8th Graders

participate in

academic competitions

1:1 K-8

iPad Program

Recognized Apple Distinguished School


STM students raise

and donate to

charities annually

Our stories continue our legacy and tradition.

As a parent of a student at STM, I could not be happier with the level of the education that my child has been receiving. The staff and educators are so deeply involved in the students learning and building of honesty, integrity, and giving. The technology is top notch.

How our alumni make their mark on the world.
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Christine Taylor, Actress

“Cherished memories of my time at STM never fade. More than providing the best, academic preparation for life beyond elementary school, and blessing me with
life-long friends, STM rooted me in the faith, hope and love that has given my life direction and meaning beyond professional success. Thank you fromthe bottom of my heart to Monsignor Murphy, and all of my incredible teachers at St. Thomas More.

Start your child's future today.
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