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BOOKS WITH BO Reading Program


St. Thomas More School is incredibly excited to offer the BOOKS WITH BO Reading Program to our students! Bo is a Black Labrador Retriever and is certified by the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Therapy dogs have been working in literacy programs for quite some time now. Numerous research studies support "turning pages with a pooch" promotes literacy skills and increases the confidence of young readers.

Students in Grades 2-4 have the opportunity to read privately to Bo and her handler. Each visit with Bo will last approximately 10 mins. Students will earn badges as they progress through the program. Each reading visit with Bo gets the students one step closer to becoming a “Reading Rover!"

If your child doesn’t want to read to Bo — don’t worry! Bo will only work with students whose parents have chosen to have their child read to her. If you have any questions regarding this program, please email Lisa Boyle at

The BOOKS WITH BO reading program is sponsored by Tighe Orthodontics.

When Bo is not listening to students read throughout the Lehigh Valley,

Bo can be found at Tighe Orthodontics, making patients smile during their visits.

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