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Alumni Family Establishes the Marian & Jack Stolz Memorial Scholarship Fund


STM alumni and family members have established a scholarship fund in memory of Marian and Jack Stolz.

Jack and Marian Stolz actively witnessed the growth of St. Thomas More School from its founding in 1966 until their deaths in (respectively) 2016 and 2020.

Marian Stolz was a consummate mother and teacher — both at home and in the classroom. She loved teaching 4th Grade at STM School, and did so for 17 years. Her goal was to reach and prepare every child. While she was tough, she was also kind and cared that each of her students would learn and grow to their potential. Marian was also instrumental in starting "Friday Happy Hours" for the teachers and the Sisters of St. Joseph. She was a great hostess, always having snacks and beverages available. In later years after retirement, Marian loved to hear about her students’ career successes and felt pride that she contributed to them in some small way.

Anyone who knew Jack Stolz knew that he excelled at engineering and problem-solving; and he loved a project! He was a member of numerous STM School planning committees, and served as the Chairman of the Building Committee for the first expansion project in the Primary Learning Center. Jack was actively involved in day-to-day fixes around the school, as well as the creation of the Gymnasium and the expansion of the Church, Nursery Room, Meeting Rooms, Chapel and Vestibules. He was also an integral part of the conversion of the Convent into the Primary Learning Center. Jack’s excitement grew with every addition or renovation to which he could contribute! He gave so much of himself to STM School and enjoyed every minute of it.

Because of their dedication to STM School, three family members have established the Marian and Jack Stolz Memorial Scholarship Fund. Susan Stolz McCauley, Class of 1970; Margaret Stolz Oehmke, Class of 1971; and Catherine Stolz Hackney, Class of 1980.

"STM School introduced me to lifelong friends and technology in the classroom — yes, I recall a large TV being wheeled into the classroom during Apollo space exploration!", said Margaret. "I learned to include God in all aspects of life; and had teachers who cared about me and challenged me to succeed in academics and in life."

"My STM School memories are of childhood friendships and a close-knit class that grew up together," said Catherine. "I learned to love mathematics and had so many wonderful, inspiring teachers that provided us with a strong academic foundation for high school while having fun along the way!"


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